We are glad you have visited with us today at our web site.

Our prayer is that this will introduce us to you and that you will find our ministry one that offers a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth, service and worship. We live in a fast-paced generation that demands so much of our time and energy that we find ourselves having to arrange our priorities to get the best for our families. Our children are subjected to so many negative influences that their ethical, moral and spiritual foundations are lacking. Such foundations are necessary if they are to make sound decisions for their future. The answer to this problem lies in the teaching of the Bible. Even though time changes some things, the principles of right and truth never change. The Bible offers the true foundations on which life needs to be built and is still the support for the family.

Each Sunday these truths are taught in our Sunday School and Worship Services. It is our prayer that you and your family might know the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Saviour and build life upon the Biblical foundations so necessary for today’s family. We invite you to join us.

With His Blessings,
Pastor Chuck Trent