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Easter is the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It symbolizes one of the most important doctrines of the Bible. For each Christian must hold the belief that Jesus rose from the dead if he is to believe the Gospel and be saved. It is more than a doctrine, it is a truth that will one day be held by every individual, even if they choose to disbelieve it today.

I read the following account of an incident that occurred some years ago. It shows how unbelief will not change facts nor will it protect the individual as to the impact of Christ’s resurrection on all humanity. Can you see the folly in this account?

Many years ago, there lived in the city of Hannover, Germany, a countess of pronounced infidel opinions who absolutely denied a future resurrection. As though to show her defiance of any Divine power which might possibly exist, she ordered that at her death her body should be laid under a massive and, in her judgment, impregnable structure.

Her wishes were carried out, and heavy slabs of granite were cemented together and riveted with steel clamps. On the tomb was carved the words: “This burial plot must never be opened.” It seemed quite likely that the structure would remain intact for many generations at least, and that the bones of the skeptical countess would rest in the oblivion she desired.

But, there was a strange sequel to her plans. A tiny seed had shared the woman’s resting place and with its inherent power had burst its shell and sent its small roots into the ground. Then, slowly gathering strength and proportions with the years, it wrenched open its prison doors and severed in twain the granite slabs. Having reached the daylight, the plant spread itself heavenward, until it became a great tree. And there in the cemetery in Hannover lay the huge stones divided and fallen over, forced by the power of Nature to give the tree room for its expanding girth

Was God showing that none or nothing can be sealed from His power? The seed certainly shows that something inherent in it brings out new life and its goal is to reach for the heavens. Is not that same thing inherent in each individual that God will call for at some time and nothing can be done to stop its journey to the One who has given it life.

Christ’s resurrection is the first fruits and all will follow the same pattern but some to an eternal life of bliss and some to damnation. Man must choose which will be his destination, but all will be called for one or the other. There is no escaping that no matter what we may do to bypass our own resurrection.

Do you know the power of His Resurrection? Read the following accounts from the Bible.
Matthew 27-28 Mark 15-16 Luke 24 John 19-21
I Corinthians 15 Revelation 20

Quote for the day:
“The resurrection of Christ is the most important article of our faith.”

John Calvin