Think on this!


In the Alps in Switzerland nestles an obscure village, with a castle and a church of rough, hewn stone, reached by worn steps up the mountainside. The peculiar thing about this church is that it has not a lighting system nor has it ever had one.

A traveler there heard a church bell ringing and saw folks coming out of the narrow streets, each bearing a quaint little bronze lamp filled with oil and having a wick. She approached a worshiper and said, “Please, I am a stranger here, will you tell me why you carry a lamp to church?”

The woman replied, “Why, yes, I would be happy to. Years ago a duke lived in that castle. He built the church, endowed it, and asked that each worshiper bring his own lamp.” The traveler replied, “I should think that would keep folks from attending the evening services.”

“Oh, no, it works just the other way. It is called The Church of the Lighted Lamps. Everybody that goes makes it a little brighter and when anybody is tempted to stay at home or go somewhere else, he just remembers that the dear old church needs everybody’s lamp, and if your lamp isn’t there, there is so much less light.”

No further comment is needed!
Hebrews 10:25 Matthew 5:14-16

Quote for the day: “If the Church is without light, then, the whole world lies in darkness.”