Think on this!


This was the heading of a series of ads. The ads discuss “some of the potential cultural and sociological impacts of future technology and change of our generation, and on the generations to come.”

The Bible also announces that “the future is coming,” and asks, “are you ready?”

Are you ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ when He returns to receive His Church unto Himself?

He will return to Earth literally to reign with those who were ready at the rapture of the church. He will come as “King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Are you ready to share in His glorious reign? He has promised that those who are identified now with Him in His rejection by the present world-system shall rule with Him in glory.

Are you ready to live in a new body, a body that has been changed into a body like that of the Lord Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead and triumphed over the powers of darkness?

Are you ready to enjoy an eternity in the service of the One who laid down His life for you?

How can we be ready for such a glorious future? By believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God – by trusting in the work of mediation that He accomplished on the Cross – and by receiving God’s gift of eternal life, a life that begins here and now and that is consummated in eternity.
I Thessalonians 4:13-18 Revelation 1:1-8; 20:1-6

Quote for the day: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Corrie Ten Boom