Think on this!


Picture the scene. A Trans World Airlines Boeing 707 is coming in for a landing. Suddenly instructions come over the radio to abort the landing and “go around.” But the orders are from a “phantom” controller, giving false instructions. The plane is just 20 feet off the ground and the pilot is obediently thrusting forward the throttles before the regular controller in the airport tower can countermand the order. The plane, on a flight from Kansas City to Tampa, Fl, pulls up, circles the field and makes a normal landing on the second approach.

That incident was reported and the authorities began looking for the “phantom” controller who had radioed false air-traffic instructions to at least six jet airliners landing at or preparing to take off from Tampa International Airport.

In this world there are all kinds of “phantom” controllers, voices who try to direct our lives. In the secular world there are philosophers and psychologists. In the religious world there are “prophets” and gurus and charismatic leaders. Whenever these men speak contrary to the teachings of God’s Word, they are leading men and women to destruction.

According to the Divine Controller of lives, the Lord Jesus, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” In the midst of the babel of voices, misleading and confusing, Christ’s own sheep are able to pick up His directions and be led from destruction to salvation.

The question then is; whose voice are we listening to right now?
John 10:1-30

Quote for the day: “The hireling fleeth…and careth not for the sheep..
The Holy Bible